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Рады рекомендовать вам дизайнера Ращупкину Надежду, с которой нам посчастливилось работать при создании и воплощении в жизнь неповторимого дизайна нашей новой резиденции в Латвии.

Более полугода наша семья пользовалась услугами Надежды и мы рады оценить ее высокий профессиональный уровень в области декорирования и дизайна.


За время работы Надежда зарекомендовала себя как надежный специалист – профессионал своего дела, как выполняющий все принятые обязательства в соответствии с достигнутыми между нами договоренностями, так и очень творческий человек, тонко чувствующий желания и идеи заказчика.

Во время работы с нашим проектом были мастерски подобраны цветовые решения, материалы, фактуры и элементы декора, создающие баланс между креативом и комфортом.

 Еще раз рады рекомендовать вам Ращупкину Надежду, как профессионального дизайнера интерьеров и прекрасного креативного специалиста.


Елена Колган

Компания "Аэрофлот - Российские авиалинии"

15 декабря 2014 г.

I have had the great pleasure of getting decoration services from Nadezhda Raschupkina  (“AM&CD") in summer 2014. I invited Nadezhda to advise me on setting up an idiosyncratic interior for myself in the rented business flat in the city of Leuven, Belgium.

          In summer 2014 I  relocated for work purposes to Leuven and rented a flat in the innovative environmentally friendly apartment building named the “Beam”, constructed by the British architect Stephane Beel. The flat has already  been equipped with electrical, heating and  ventilation  systems. Kitchen and bathroom furniture and an  energy saving ceiling lightening have  already been installed. All the walls  were painted white, the flat was airy and empty. My ask to Nadezhda was to follow minimalistic principle, select furniture which will leave enough space and air, locate additional lightening which I can use during night for work and leisure, blend traditional muted Belgian and bright Russian colours.

          Although Nadezhda had to work remotely,  and I was in the business travels most of the time, she was  truly there for the entire process and  has done everything in her power to make things right.

          I would give Nadezhda  my highest recommendation. She took time to understand my personality, behaviour, habits and the atmosphere of my home in Moscow, before she made space planning recommendations and colour combinations which created a colourful atmosphere. As a result I felt at home living in the foreign country which is very important for an expat in isolation from the family. Budget and timeline were met.

          I would describe her as a decorator who energises the client to shift the mood and stereotypes. She is also one of the most positive, cheerful people I have ever met which makes working with her a true pleasure.


Natalia Blokhina 

AB InBev, Commercial Procurement Director Europe TRIUM Executive MBA 2015

Nadezhda provided professional services of planning an interior design for my apartment in the Greater Copenhagen area.

My initial requirements were firstly, smart planning of the limited space (around 60 m2 flat for three people) and secondly, interior design reflecting the latest modern Nordic trends.

Nadezhda has taken into consideration all of my wishes and requests and presented several design solutions for my apartment, each of them complying to the best European standards in terms of usability and comfort, as well as aesthetically beautiful.

While working on the project, Nadezhda demonstrated the knowledge of the minimalistic interior design appropriate for the Nordic countries and proved to be an efficient space organiser. She is attentive to details, reliable when working within short time frame and very client oriented. Moreover, what is rather important for a designer, Nadezhda is a good listener and an effective communicator.

I am very satisfied with the result of the cooperation with Nadezhda and can recommend her to anyone who is considering either decorating a newly purchased apartment or bringing to life a makeover of the existing one.


Ksenia Vedishcheva


29 of January 2014, Copenhagen

Квартира  в Дании.


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Этапы работы, заказать дизайн-проект квартиры в Москве
Этапы работы, заказать дизайн-проект квартиры в Москве

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